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What our holiday-makers say

Whilst we know that Croftcarnoch farmhouse is a lovely place to stay for a holiday it can be difficult to get this across in the mass of holiday houses available to let in Scotland. So let me give you the last two reviews from genuine happy holiday-makers who stayed this month (April 2019).

“A very spacious house for 8 people. Amazing sun-room with the iconic view of the Cairngorms. It was a sunny but bitterly cold weekend during our stay but this cosy cottage made all the difference. The cottage is clean and full of character. We spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and eating! Beds were really comfortable and soft towels were provided. Great host with great tips about tiger next door!! Would highly recommend it!”

“We loved our stay here and even though we had planned to do a lot more – we found it very difficult to leave the sun-room because it was such a gorgeous space. The conditions were very bright but not that warm – so we could see the detail of the Cairngorms change in front of us, via the very toasty sun-room. Our hosts lent us binoculars to see the detail and we just loved this place”.

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