• Antony Sherlock

From zero to hero - Fully booked in August

Amazing what some shambolic governmental decision-making can do from the UK government, combined with the Scottish government's stance on taking stay-cations, but all of a sudden we are inundated with requests to stay in August!

So the joys of being in the Scottish Highlands is sought after all! All that beautiful scenery and fresh air, thankfully, not going to waste. Whilst I can understand the concept of going to Spain to get some sun, which we do not get on a regular basis, I cannot see the attraction of being in an aeroplane and going into 14 day quarantine afterwards. We took advantage the other day of walking out onto the moors behind Croftcarnoch. No masks, no people, lots of fresh air - and surrounded by outstanding beauty. Absolute bliss - and such a stress-buster in one hit!

Walks in the wilderness are life affirming and worth their weight in gold. So whilst we are now fully booked for August 2020 - I very wish all our clients a very happy holiday in the Highlands of Scotland.

Croftcarnoch Farmhouse is a self-catering holiday house in the Highlands of Scotland

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