• Antony Sherlock

Selfie Hunting in the Highlands

A trend that seems to be prevalent this year is to do all the sightseeing of the Highlands of Scotland in 2 days! Selfie at Eilean Donan Castle – tick. Selfie at Loch Ness – tick. Selfie at whisky distillery – tick. Selfie at Glencoe – tick. Selfie at Glenfinnan – tick. You get the drift…

It has also caught us out at Croftcarnoch – because after an 8-hour day’s selfie hunting of the Highlands of Scotland –all the showers and baths are run at the same time late in the evening, where the water tank is emptied after the water timer has switched off – resulting in no more hot water until 6am!

Like all trends and feedback received we respond and alter our practices accordingly to ensure the smooth running of the holiday house. Ideally we would love everyone to spend longer in the Highlands(and at Croftcarnoch) as there is so much to offer if you wish to slow the pace and see the amazing detail, rather than do everything at breakneck speed. However you wish to see the Highlands, fast or slow, our holiday house still has some of the best views from the sofa!

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