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No need to pay for kennels

Croftcarnoch farmhouse is the perfect home-from-home if you have pets and it is the reason that we advertise the house as “pet friendly”. There is a back door access into the utility room which allows you to take your wet dogs directly into the house and they are contained in this warm part of the house. A dog gate separates them from the rest of the rooms containing any muddy paws to one room only.

We allow 2 dogs which we thought was suitable for a group of 8 people however we keep getting approached to accept further dogs. We are happy to accept more dogs and can provide an outside kennel to accommodate them. The kennel is located in the U-shaped derelict steading next door and could not be more convenient. Depending on the size of the dogs, they can stay in the utility room or go into the kennel.

It also means that the group can go away for the day and leave the dogs in the kennel in the knowledge that they are safe and secure and no damage will be done at the house. Likewise on stifling hot days it means that a dog is not left in a car in uncomfortable conditions. All-in-all, if you are a pet owner and want to go on holiday and take your pet with you – Croftcarnoch can cater for you and your 4-legged friends, just let us know your details in advance.

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