• Antony Sherlock

Off-season is good too

Well, what a summer that was! Amazing weather and the Highlands of Scotland looking at its best. All our summer guests have been and gone and they have all been fantastic at looking after the farmhouse and enjoying what we have on offer and the surrounding area. “Win win” scenario all round. However….

At certain stages during the summer it felt as if Scotland was full! The main A9 road was like joining a queue and Aviemore was packed-out. For those going over to Glenfinnan to watch the “Hogwarts Express” steam train going over the Glenfinnan viaduct - discovered over 400 cars trying to park in a car park for 50 cars! The police even had to inform everyone going onto the Isle of Skye that there was no accommodation. It seems Scotland is a victim of its own success and was jam-packed this summer.

The solution – come and enjoy the Highlands in the off-season! September and November are two amazing months to see Scotland changing colour, made even better when there are less people around. October is quite busy and then the season comes to a close, but that can also be a fantastic time to see Scotland without the hordes. Anyway, Croftcarnoch farmhouse is available all year round and whichever time of year you choose to stay, you will be made to feel most welcome.

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