• Antony Sherlock

Fire Safety at the Farmhouse

AirBnB recently sent us through their latest guideline on fire safety for “AirBnB partners” and to be fair it covers most aspects and they provide a downloadable tip sheet. At Croftcarnoch farmhouse – we regularly check our safety procedures and have both a fire risk assessment and a general risk assessment in place.

We have gone beyond the self-catering regulations and gone down the hotel route of providing a fire safety card with the layout of the house in the manual and in each of the bedrooms. Whilst we concentrate on providing a holiday house for everyone to enjoy and have fun at, we do not forget the safety aspect and if there is something that we think should go in, even though legally it is not required, it will be provided. Let us worry about this and you can enjoy your holiday without a care in the world – as it should be.

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