• Antony Sherlock

Record breaking weather in May 2018

According to the Met Office it has been the warmest and sunniest May since records began in 1929. It was also very dry, with an average of 46.1 mm of rain recorded, meaning that Scotland only received just over half (55%) of the rainfall anticipated during May. A winning combination all round – though the ground is now very dry and in need of some rain.

This all meant that the landscaping works have now been completed and the barrier mounds between the houses are now in place and gives both houses much more privacy. Of course from the farmhouse there are still open views across the Cairngorms and to the Highland Wildlife Park, so there is plenty access to the amazing sights from the comfort of the holiday house.

1st of June brings in the meteorological summer and it is hoped that we have a good summer this year in the Highlands. With so much available in the area for tourist and holiday-makers alike, Croftcarnoch Farmhouse is up and running and bookings are in place for the season ahead. If you have not booked already, now is the time to do so to get your chosen dates and long may that sun shine.

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