• Antony Sherlock

Snow and skiing for half-term

View of Cairngorms from Croftcarnoch

For the half-term holidays clients staying at Croftcarnoch Farmhouse who were looking forward to some snow in Scotland during their holiday they have certainly got their wish. They got the snow and they have had one glorious day on the slopes in alpine conditions so far. Since then there has either been too much snow or high winds for the skiing to be viable, but here is hoping the weather conditions change in their favour.

However the good news is that they have been able to enjoy the stunning views of the Cairngorms from the comfort of the sofas! Even when the winds were 100MPH at the tops you can still enjoy the speed of the clouds going past! But even better when the sun goes down and the hills change colour. The one thing you can rely on with the weather in Scotland is the unreliability!.

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